Connect 2 Educate

Welcome to the online edition of Connect 2 Educate Resources Directory. This is a free comprehensive directory listing 84 free or low-cost community-based programs available to New Orleans youth ages 0-18 regardless of where they stay or go to school. Inside you will find programs aligned with the Five Promises, a proven framework for preparing parents and caregivers to meet the needs of children and youth in order to reach adult success. These programs were carefully selected to be included in this directory based on how they align with the Five Promises framework, as well as their proven reputation and reliability. Additionally, you will find 30 school-based programs that are available in partnership with specific schools across Greater New Orleans at the back of the directory.

It is our goal to connect service providers, counselors, school leaders, community organizers and families and caregivers of children to this resource. The printed copies are distributed through the New Orleans Public Libraries, and you can pick up your free copy at any of the library branch locations starting on September 26, 2015. If you have feedback or questions pertaining to this directory or distribution, please contact us directly via email at or by phone at (504) 655-0424.

View or Download the digital PDF:

Click the link below to view the digital PDF version of Connect 2 Educate. Inside the PDF, click on any of the sections listed in the Table of Contents to jump down to specific pages. Additionally, view the matrix of programs on pages A4-A6 and click on any program to jump down to that program’s description page.

Connect 2 Educate PDF