Invest In Systemic Change


Through collective impact and with the support of donors like you, New Orleans Kids Partnership is able to create large-scale, lasting solutions to the systemic problems impacting New Orleans youth. Your investment in NOKP is a commitment to our shared mission to increase access to high quality services for every child and every family in our city. Here are some of the ways we’ve made an impact in 2015:


NOKP published and distributed 5,000 free copies of the Connect 2 Educate Resources Directory since 2013. The most recent edition of the directory features 100+ free or low-cost programs for children and youth ages 0-18. From healthy activities and arts programs, to academic supports and mentoring, the directory features a wide variety of resources across the community. Learn more about the current deliverables for this project here.


In the fall of 2015 NOKP completed a 3-month Startup Impact Accelerator Fellowship with Propeller Incubator to launch NOLA Go! – the city’s first ever youth smartcard. The pilot program brought together partners from 5+ community organizations and schools to provide RTA transit cards to 68 at-risk youth and increase utilization of community programs by 20% in the first 4 months. This pilot is the first step toward large-scale, sustainable transportation solutions for New Orleans youth.


NOKP provided backbone support for “Read and Be Heard” Early Literacy Collaborative that delivered 4 months of free programming to low-income families. The program culminated with a grand finale event at Louisiana Children’s Museum, where participants engaged in hands on learning activities. 100% of parents reported that they would return for the next session of programming.


NOKP is a resource hub for our community of partners. Within NOKP, there are ongoing opportunities to collaborate on projects, receive up-to-date information on professional development workshops, resources, and events, and utilize the tenants of collective impact to realize a shared vision for children and youth in New Orleans.


When you support NOKP, your investment is matched by thousands of dollars in staff time, cash matches, and in-kind resources donated to the NOKP Partnership every year. Your gift to NOKP will allow us to continue utilizing the tenets of collective impact to better the lives of children and youth in New Orleans. Here are our plans for 2016:

  • Expanding access to Connect 2 Educate through a new online edition with interactive features like personalized searching, maps and tools, making it easy to find programs by location, special needs, or ages served. The online edition will be updated regularly and will include user comment sections so parents and teenagers can provide feedback on the programs inside.
  • Advocating for NOLA Go! as a city-funded program so that all New Orleans youth have access to free public transportation, technology, and high-quality services.
  • Launching NOKP’s new Professional Development workforce to provide all youth service providers with the tools and resources they need to deliver top quality services.


New Orleans families need you.
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For more information about other ways to support NOKP, please email or call (504) 655-0424.