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Louisiana Children’s Museum | NOKP

Louisiana Children’s Museum

The Louisiana Children’s Museum promotes hands-on participatory learning for children of all ages. Encouraging discovery through observation, inquiry, creative construction, role-playing, problem-solving and free play, the Museum motivates children to develop their cognitive, physical and social skills while enjoying fruitful interaction with adults and peers.

Play Power, the Louisiana Children’s Museum’s signature off site program, empowers children to grow, develop and heal through play. This program, rich in literacy and language development content, engages students and develops life skills such as collaborative planning and critical thinking, as well as provides an outlet for stressful circumstances through journaling, drawing, role playing, music and other creative activities. Principals of Play Power schools have said that our program has positively changed the culture of the schools. An increased sense of community, respect for fellow classmates, strengthened school attendance, library usage and conflict management skills have been linked to Play Power.


Louisiana Children’s Museum
420 Julia St.
New Orleans, LA 70113

Office: (504) 266-2403
Fax: (504) 529-3666