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Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI) – School Health Connection | NOKP

Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI) – School Health Connection

The School Health Connection (SHC) program was formed in 2006 to support the rebuilding and expansion of School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) in the metro New Orleans area. SHC’s vision is that every child and adolescent in the greater New Orleans area develops and learns in a healthy school community.

Over the past five years, SHC has been involved with SBHCs through providing funding, quality improvement technical assistance (TA), and TA with implementing electronic health record (EHR). Current SBHC efforts are aimed at enhancing their sustainability through funding and facilitating operational improvements and billing systems. In addition to supporting SBHCs, SHC assists schools with developing School Wellness Programs, that focus on increasing access to health services, health education and health promotion programs that encourage good nutrition and physical activity among students and staff. SHC recently implemented a separate evidenced-based program to prevent teen pregnancy.


LPHI: School Health Connection
1515 Poydras Suite 1200
New Orleans, LA 70112

Office: (504) 301-9800