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Start the Adventure in Reading (STAIR) | NOKP

Start the Adventure in Reading (STAIR)

Start the Adventure in Reading (STAIR) is a 26-year-old local children’s literacy program that provides free one-on-one tutoring in reading to at-risk elementary students from participating public schools in the New Orleans area.

From September through May, STAIR volunteers commit to mentor and help their students improve reading skills at each of the 28 different tutoring sites (schools, churches or universities) located in Orleans, Jefferson or Plaquemines parishes. Tutoring sessions, supervised by STAIR staff, take place 1-2 afternoons a week (3-5 PM) or on Saturday mornings (9-12 Noon). Only one 2-hour training session is required for volunteer tutors who then choose a STAIR site, get matched with a student and begin. STAIR uses a professionally-designed, step-by-step curriculum. No teaching experience is necessary.


1545 State St.
New Orleans, LA 70118

Office: (504) 899-0820
Fax: (504) 895-2668