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Urban League of Greater New Orleans | NOKP

Urban League of Greater New Orleans

Perpetuating increased access to quality educational programming, the Urban League of Greater New Orleans addresses educational and developmental needs of early life through our Center of Education & Youth.

Urban League’s Early Head Start program encourages social, emotional, physical, intellectual growth of children ages 0-3 by providing free child care to under-resourced families. Designed to increase graduation rates, Urban League College Track‘s provides an enhanced after school learning environment for 9th-12th graders that prepares them educationally and mentally for post grade school education success. The Clarence L. Barney Student of the Week recognition and scholarship program acknowledges the achievements of Orleans Parish public schools students that maintain a high GPA in the face of adversity. We also help parents act as effective education advocates through our Parent Information Center which educates parents on policy, educational opportunities and resources available through workshops, counseling and informational materials so that they can make the best academic decisions for their children.


Urban League
2322 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70119

Office: (504) 620-2332
Fax: (504) 620-9654