Professional Development

NOKP is dedicated to creating a system of easily accessible and relevant professional development opportunities for youth workers and staff in the youth serving non-profit sector. We know that your time is limited, and ongoing educational opportunities are essential for innovation, improved effectiveness, and continuous quality improvement. This page offers you a jumping off point for various types of P.D. — from local workshops and networking opportunities, to online resources and webinars.



Webinars offer an easy avenue for professional development without leaving your office. Each month we highlight the best upcoming webinars focused on topics that are relevant to you and your staff. From mastering your donation page to learning how to boost early childhood cognitive development, these webinars can have an immediate and powerful impact on your work after just an hour long session.




NOKP, in collaboration with YouthShift, has created two calendars to share all the most pertinent ongoing educational opportunities across the city and internet. There are two separate calendars, making it easier to pinpoint your specific needs. The first is a professional development calendar spotlighting free or low-cost P.D. opportunities. The second is a community events calendar that highlights networking opportunities and local meetings.




We know that sometimes you just need the right person for the job. From specialized certifications to specific focus areas, there are many of qualified professional development educators across New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Or maybe you just need to meet with peers about a specific shared interest. NOKP is developing a network of facilitators, service providers and affinity groups to engage in professional development that meets your needs. Contact to learn more.