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NOLA Go! Youth Smartcard | NOKP
Working Group

Coordinated Youth Services


NOLA Go! Youth Smartcard

Decentralization of the public school system has unwittingly served to fragment and weaken the safety net of community-based youth services in New Orleans. Instead of one school district, there are now 42, making it more costly for providers and more difficult for parents to get children the health, educational, cultural and vocational services they need to grow up strong and successful. Not only is access to services decreased, but access to high-risk environments and behaviors is increased. Lack of transportation is constantly cited as the single largest barrier preventing youth from accessing the services, programs, and opportunities they need.

NOLA Go! increases access to public transportation and a coordinated system of high quality community-based programs for high school youth. Through partnerships with the Public Library, NORDC, RTA, museums, schools, and after-school programs, youth participants will gain free access to an unlimited monthly transit card and a special set of youth services across the city. In addition to improving access to services for low-income youth, the program will generate valuable data (with users’ active consent and involvement) that can assist youth development agencies and planning boards to manage and design more effective and sustainable services.



Number of student participants in the pilot program


Launch of a 5-month pilot program with 60 youth participants ages 14-18.


NOLA Go! was selected as 1 of 30 ventures to participate in the Fall 2015 Propeller Impact Accelerator Program. Between September and December 2015, NOKP will receive expert advice, mentorship, and guidance on the implementation of a NOLA Go! pilot program to launch in January 2016. In partnership with schools, community organizations, and RTA, the NOLA Go! pilot will provide 50 youth participants ages 14-18 free access to the city's public transportation system, plus support in identifying and navigating a landscape of community programs, resources, and opportunities.

NOLA Go! won the top place prize at Propeller's PitchNOLA: Education competition on November 4th!

Organizations on this project

Project Team:
Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans (CADA), Community Works of Louisiana, New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORD), New Orleans Public Library, Ride New Orleans

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